Want a Beautiful Smile? Start with These Tips

Want a Beautiful Smile? Start with These TipsDo you wish you could feel more confident? Do you blame much of your insecurity on your smile’s imperfections? If so, it’s time to talk to your dentist. Cosmetic dentistry makes it possible to address most dental imperfections, and often quickly and with beautiful results. So, there really is no reason to settle for a smile that is flawed. Instead, talk to your dentist about how treatment could help you feel more confident. (more…)

Is a Dental Crown the Solution You Need? Take This Quiz!

Is a Dental Crown the Solution You Need? Take This Quiz!No one wants to spend time avoiding his or her favorite foods and drinks all because of dental discomfort? Unfortunately, when experiencing sensitivity and other warning signs of dental problems, many people are initially tempted to ignore them, hoping they will simply go away on their own. While it’s true that the teeth are incredibly strong, they do not have the ability to repair themselves once damaged. This can lead to worsening issues over time, including painful tooth infections or even the loss of teeth. You can avoid this by seeking restorative dental treatment, though. In fact, you might be pleasantly surprised to learn just how well a dental crown could help you! (more…)

What’s the Big Deal About Drinking Soda?

What’s the Big Deal About Drinking Soda?If you are the kind of person who loves drinking a soda in the morning, and at lunch, and as an afternoon snack, then you might already be aware of how many calories you are consuming on a daily basis. But what you might not realize is how devastating a soda habit can be for your smile’s health, specifically your teeth’s enamel. Sodas are high in sugar, which can lead to acidic tartar buildup. Left on teeth, it can then created cavities, tooth discomfort, and eventually the need for extensive restorative treatment. So, can you protect your smile by simply cutting back on sodas? (more…)

Eat Well for a Good Cause This August in DFW

Eat Well for a Good Cause This August in DFWDo you and your friends fancy yourselves real foodies? If so, you won’t want to miss the 20th annual DFW Restaurant Week 2017, an opportunity to sample some of the finest food in the Metroplex, all while visiting some of the area’s most up and coming hot spots. Plus, a portion of the proceeds will benefit local charities, making this truly a win-win-win! This annual event is taking place now through Saturday, August 26, 2017, and includes restaurants in both Fort Worth and Dallas, giving you plenty of time to enjoy some scrumptious food while supporting a great cause! (more…)

Could Chewing Gum Help Prevent Cavities?

Could Chewing Gum Help Prevent Cavities?Do you love to grab a stick of gum after lunch to freshen your breath before you chat with coworkers? If so, you might not even realize that your gum habit could actually be helping you prevent dental cavities. That is, if you’re choosing a sugar-free gum. Sugar-free chewing gum can help to limit tartar buildup between dental checkups and cleanings, which can be great for both your teeth and your gums’ health. (more…)

Love Your Smile? If Not, Talk to Your Cosmetic Dentist!

Love Your Smile? If Not, Talk to Your Cosmetic Dentist!Do you despise how your smile looks in photographs, or even in the mirror? Tooth imperfections can be a major source of insecurity. Fortunately, they don’t have to get the last word. If you want to have a smile you feel proud showing off, the kind that makes a great first impression and looks beautiful in pictures, why not talk to your cosmetic dentist about how treatment could help hide those flaws and leave you feeling more fabulous? You might be pleasantly surprised just how quickly your cosmetic dentist might be able to improve your confidence, by helping to provide you with beautiful pearly whites! (more…)

Want to Get Back to Enjoying Meals? See Your Dentist

Want to Get Back to Enjoying Meals? See Your DentistHas it been months, even years, since you were actually able to sit down with your loved ones and enjoy a meal, without worrying about how it would make your smile feel? When you are suffering from tooth sensitivity, much less outright dental pain, once enjoyable daily activities, like eating, can begin to lose their luster. Eventually, if you are not careful, they can become difficult or downright painful. Fortunately, restorative dentistry exists to help eliminate discomfort and restore overall oral health. So if you do find yourself struggling with pesky dental pain, don’t keep suffering in silence, or avoiding your favorite meals. Talk to your restorative dentist about how a solution like a filling, crown or other treatment, could help you! (more…)

Love Anime? You’ll Want to Visit the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth in August

Love Anime? You’ll Want to Visit the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth in AugustHave you always loved anime? If so, don’t miss the upcoming Anime Film Festival at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, during which the museum will be featuring several films in the unique Japanese animation style known as anime. Each of the screenings will take place in the museum’s auditorium. From August 4 to August 12 you can catch several recently released films that cover a variety of topics.  (more…)

Can You Answer Basic Smile Questions?

Can You Answer Basic Smile Questions?As someone interested in keeping your teeth and gums feeling and looking their best, you may have already taken several steps to care for your smile. That said, if you don’t truly understand what preventive care actually takes, or what to do in the case of dental problems, then you are more likely to suffer from issues like damaged or decayed teeth, or even dental pain. So, why not ask yourself, “How much do I really know about preventive dental care?” (more…)

Could I Already Have Gum Disease?

Could I Already Have Gum Disease?When it comes to caring for your smile, the teeth may be what initially come to mind. After all, healthy teeth help to make a great first impression, and are in fact crucial to eating comfortably and effectively. Yet the gums are just as important to your overall health. Sadly, they often go neglected in people’s dental care routines. In fact, gum disease is so common that some studies estimate millions of Americans could be suffering from it, many unknowingly. Fortunately, knowing the symptoms of gum disease, and how to respond if you have them, can help you protect your smile. Of course, preventive dentistry is also important! (more…)