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Can Xylitol Benefit Your Teeth?

Xylitol is a natural sweetener that may be able to reduce your risk of cavities, and potentially gum disease. Tooth decay and gingivitis are caused by oral bacteria, and the product can inhibit the growth of those bacteria and prevent them from sticking to your teeth. The process should eventually decrease the overall amount of bacteria… Read more »

Why is Saliva So Important?

Saliva is one of the most important defenses you have against oral diseases and infections. It can protect your mouth against bacteria that cause serious damage by attacking your enamel or gums. Chronic dry mouth, or xerostomia, is therefore a serious concern, as a lack of saliva can increase your chances of cavities, gum disease, or… Read more »

How the Dentist Can Fix Your Cavity

If you have a cavity, you probably want to know the best option to fix your tooth. There are a variety of treatments that can protect and preserve the tooth after decay, and prevent extraction. Fillings, inlays, and onlays will fill the hole in the tooth, caused by acid from bacteria attacking your enamel. However,… Read more »

Why Choose a Dental Bridge?

If you are missing a tooth or teeth, you are probably looking for a way to restore your smile. Because of advancing technology, there are many remedies for missing teeth that will give your mouth a natural look and protect it. One often-recommended appliance is the dental bridge, which will serve as a placeholder for… Read more »

Keep Your Children’s Teeth Safe this Halloween

Some costumes might scare smaller children, but what worries parents most about Halloween is typically the massive amounts of candy that their kids will come home with and gorge on. Stomach aches, sugar highs and lows, and especially cavities are among the many consequences that can stem from excessive candy indulgence. However, while moderation can… Read more »

Is It Really Possible to Prevent Cavities?

Did you know that cavities, a result of tooth decay, are the most commonly-experienced chronic disease in the world? Given the fact that they affect nearly 35% of the world’s entire population, you might wonder if cavities are, in fact, as preventable as you’ve been told. The truth is, they are; the prevalence of cavities… Read more »