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Can Your Dentist Help You Chew More Comfortably?

Are you struggling to enjoy your favorite foods and drinks, lately, all because of unexpected dental discomfort, or even outright tooth pain? If so, you might be feeling tempted to simply ignore the issue, hoping it will improve on its own. Unfortunately, while your teeth are incredibly strong, they lack the ability to repair themselves… Read more »

Want to Enjoy Meals Again? An Implant Could Help

As children, most people experience excitement and even pride the first time they lose a tooth. After all, it’s an important rite of passage and often an excuse to receive a treat from the Tooth Fairy. Unfortunately, adult tooth loss tends to elicit far different feelings, namely frustration, embarrassment, and even anxiety. “How will my… Read more »

Is a Dental Implant the Best Solution for Your Smile?

If you have suffered the loss of a tooth, or even several, then you know all too well how frustrating coping with an incomplete smile can be. Embarrassment and insecurity are just some of the emotions adults often must deal with when they have lost one or more teeth. Fortunately, modern dental prostheses are designed to… Read more »

Causes Behind Adult Tooth Loss

There’s a reason behind every dental health concern and symptom that you experience, and addressing those reasons is the key to restoring your smile. However, while issues such as tooth decay and gum disease can often be managed, more serious concerns like tooth loss require a more comprehensive approach. Fortunately, you can effectively rebuild your… Read more »

Can I Get Implants If I Am Fully Edentulous?

If you have lost all of your teeth and are fully edentulous, you may wonder what your options for tooth replacement are. Of course, you can get dentures. They are for the fully edentulous upper and/or lower dental arch. Dentures are removable and are held in place via denture adhesive and natural suction. Dentures sometimes… Read more »

Can My Child Get An Implant?

Children can lose their permanent teeth as well as adults can. They may get a tooth knocked out due to sports, an accident, a blow to the mouth, etc. If this happens, and the tooth is an anterior tooth leaving a space for all to see, you may wonder if your child can get an… Read more »

Can I Get A Dental Implant If I’m Diabetic?

Over 26 million people in the U.S. have diabetes. There are two types of diabetes: type 1 and type 2. Type 2 is the most common. Type 2 diabetes results when your body does not produce enough insulin, or does not respond effectively to the insulin it does produce. Type 1 diabetes is when your… Read more »

Can I Get An Implant If I Smoke?

While dental implants boast between a 95 and 98 percent success rate, they may not fare as well in smokers. Smoking makes the long-term success of implants much more risky. It doesn’t mean that you definitely cannot get an implant if you smoke, but there are many more factors to take into consideration.

Friday Fun Implant Quiz

Tooth loss is a common problem. In fact, studies show that nearly 70 percent of adults between the ages of 35 and 44 have lost at least one permanent tooth. In addition, 26 percent of adults are completely edentulous (they’ve lost all of their teeth) by age 74. Tooth loss can be due to an… Read more »

Do I Have To Have A Fixed Bridge?

If you are missing one or more teeth in a row, a fixed dental bridge is an excellent option to restore your smile and your chewing ability. Fixed dental bridges rely on nearby teeth for stability. This means the tooth on either side of the gap left by your missing teeth needs to be prepared… Read more »