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Want to Get Back to Enjoying Meals? See Your Dentist

Has it been months, even years, since you were actually able to sit down with your loved ones and enjoy a meal, without worrying about how it would make your smile feel? When you are suffering from tooth sensitivity, much less outright dental pain, once enjoyable daily activities, like eating, can begin to lose their… Read more »

When Are Dental Crowns the Answer?

Do you have a hard time enjoying your meals, because of pesky discomfort associated with one or more of your teeth? If so, you might be suffering from an issue like a cavity. Cavities are incredibly common. Of course, they are not the only potential cause for concern. If you’ve experienced trauma, your tooth could… Read more »

Got Questions? Talk to Your Restorative Dentist!

Are you wondering if you would be able to tell if your smile was in need of restorative dental treatment? If so, don’t fret. The good news is that many dental issues give warning signs before they have progressed to the point of requiring extensive restorative treatment. Paying attention to changes in your smile and… Read more »

Want to Smile Confidently? A Porcelain Crown Could Be Key!

If you have spent several years feeling embarrassed by noticeable metal dental work, there are actually several reasons to consider updating your restoration. The most obvious might be for the cosmetic benefit of having a more natural-looking restoration, such as a porcelain crown. That said, there are actual important functional reasons to consider a more… Read more »

Could a Dental Crown Be What Your Smile Needs?

Are you having a hard time enjoying meals with your family, lately, because of tooth sensitivity that is making it difficult to chew comfortably? Have you given up desserts altogether, not because you’re watching your waistline, but simply because they are not worth the dental pain? If so, it’s time to see your restorative dentist…. Read more »

Could a Crown Be the Restorative Solution Your Smile Needs?

If you have been experiencing increasing dental sensitivity over the last few weeks or months, it could be indication that your teeth have become damaged. While cavities are incredibly common, chips and cracks can also occur. Anytime the teeth become fragile or broken, restorative care is crucial, because that can help to prevent the tooth… Read more »

Ready to Stop that Jaw Pain? It’s Time for TMJ Treatment

Have you spent months or even years suffering from jaw pain or difficulty chewing without understanding why? Do you hear popping noises when you open your jaw, or suffer from frequent headaches or neck pain? Many people don’t realize that these are all common symptoms of Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction, or TMJ as it is most… Read more »

Saving Your Tooth With A Crown

When the pulp chamber and the root of your tooth are still healthy and intact, but the part of your tooth that you chew with (the crown) is broken or decayed, you can save your tooth just by replacing your damaged dental crown with a porcelain crown. When you lose your whole tooth including the… Read more »

Dental Bridges, Another Option For Missing Teeth

All the care that we give our teeth–both home hygiene, and our biannual dental appointments–are to keep our teeth healthy and strong for as long as we can so we never need to replace them. If we don’t protect our teeth from harmful bacterial plaque which can lead to decay, gingivitis, and periodontitis we may… Read more »

Partial Denture Vs A Dental Bridge

One or more missing teeth can present more serious problems than just a missing tooth when you smile. Even one missing tooth when you smile is a big deal, especially if it is an anterior tooth. People notice your smile first and make many assumptions based on its health and esthetics. Therefore, when you’re missing… Read more »