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Your Dental Bridge Questions Answered Here

Nearly 70 percent of the population over the age of 44 are missing at least one tooth due to decay, gum disease, or trauma.  A high percentage of these people have a dental bridge. Dental bridges are a very common solution for tooth loss. If you are missing a single tooth, or maybe a few… Read more »

Your teeth are important to your health and not just because they help you masticate a variety of foods so you can stay nourished and healthy. They are important for other reasons, too. If you lose even one tooth, it can throw off your oral health. Take our quiz, Don’t Burn Your Bridges, below to… Read more »

Embarrassed To Smile? Dentures Can Help!

Missing teeth can be a huge problem. Without all of your teeth it is difficult to chew, speak, and your embarrassment to smile can wreck your self-confidence. If you are partially or fully edentulous, you don’t have to be embarrassed to smile. Partial or complete dentures can restore your ability to chew, speak clearly, and… Read more »

Are You Experiencing Adult Tooth Loss? Let’s Do Something About It!

While periodontal disease is the major cause of adult tooth loss, there are other reasons you may lose a tooth or need one extracted. The fact is that once you are missing a tooth, your oral health can be in peril. The root of your tooth helps keep your jawbone healthy, while both the root… Read more »

Addressing Your Tooth Loss With A Dental Bridge

Even if you lose only one tooth it affects your smile, your self-confidence, and your oral health. Perhaps you’re tempted to do nothing about your missing tooth, especially if it is in the back of your mouth and not readily noticed. Just be aware that your ability to chew is diminished, your underlying jawbone will… Read more »

All You Ever Wanted To Know About Implants: Installment #2

A dental implant procedure is a complex, surgical procedure, and therefore can be scary for many people, especially if you have dental anxiety. However, with today’s technology, implant placement doesn’t have to be scary, and it is the most long-term and stable dental treatment available for replacing a tooth. Today we will address more questions… Read more »

2 Types Of Fillings You May Not Be Familiar With

Cavities require dental fillings, and the majority of the population suffers from at least one cavity in a lifetime. That means that most people are familiar with what a dental filling is. When you have a cavity, your dentist will remove the decay, sterilize the area and fill the cavity with either a metal filling,… Read more »

Interesting Facts About Tooth Loss

The loss of one or more permanent teeth can be a devastating blow to your oral health, and though it happens quite often, losing adult teeth is not natural. Most people may not need prompting to replace a lost tooth, especially if it’s noticeable, but not everyone realizes the importance of maintaining a mouth full… Read more »

Smile Restoration: Patient Success Story

What is it that keeps you from contacting us to make the changes you need for a better smile? Are you worried that your smile needs are too complex? Perhaps you are embarrassed by the amount of work you need. Good news: We offer a comprehensive selection of restorative treatments (cosmetic, too) to help you… Read more »

Dental Fillings: A Quiz

Are you finding that when you return home from a visit that uncovers tooth decay, your friends have something to say about your upcoming filling? Perhaps one friend insists that taking care of tooth decay immediately is the best way to go. Unfortunately, your other friend may imply that you don’t really need to schedule… Read more »