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Can Your Dentist Help You Chew More Comfortably?

Are you struggling to enjoy your favorite foods and drinks, lately, all because of unexpected dental discomfort, or even outright tooth pain? If so, you might be feeling tempted to simply ignore the issue, hoping it will improve on its own. Unfortunately, while your teeth are incredibly strong, they lack the ability to repair themselves… Read more »

Want to Enjoy Ice Cream Again? Talk to Your Restorative Dentist

Did you used to love nothing more than cooling off on a hot day, with a scoop of your favorite ice cream, a snow cone or even a popsicle? Has pesky tooth sensitivity gotten in the way of enjoying many of your favorite summertime treats? If so, don’t keep ignoring your smile’s sensitivity or discomfort…. Read more »

Is a Dental Crown the Solution You Need? Take This Quiz!

No one wants to spend time avoiding his or her favorite foods and drinks all because of dental discomfort? Unfortunately, when experiencing sensitivity and other warning signs of dental problems, many people are initially tempted to ignore them, hoping they will simply go away on their own. While it’s true that the teeth are incredibly… Read more »

Want to Get Back to Enjoying Meals? See Your Dentist

Has it been months, even years, since you were actually able to sit down with your loved ones and enjoy a meal, without worrying about how it would make your smile feel? When you are suffering from tooth sensitivity, much less outright dental pain, once enjoyable daily activities, like eating, can begin to lose their… Read more »

When Are Dental Crowns the Answer?

Do you have a hard time enjoying your meals, because of pesky discomfort associated with one or more of your teeth? If so, you might be suffering from an issue like a cavity. Cavities are incredibly common. Of course, they are not the only potential cause for concern. If you’ve experienced trauma, your tooth could… Read more »

Got Questions? Talk to Your Restorative Dentist!

Are you wondering if you would be able to tell if your smile was in need of restorative dental treatment? If so, don’t fret. The good news is that many dental issues give warning signs before they have progressed to the point of requiring extensive restorative treatment. Paying attention to changes in your smile and… Read more »

Want to Smile Confidently? A Porcelain Crown Could Be Key!

If you have spent several years feeling embarrassed by noticeable metal dental work, there are actually several reasons to consider updating your restoration. The most obvious might be for the cosmetic benefit of having a more natural-looking restoration, such as a porcelain crown. That said, there are actual important functional reasons to consider a more… Read more »

Restore Your Smile: Dental Bridge

Losing a tooth as an adult is not quite as fun as it can be as a child. When we lose a tooth, it can affect our appearance, our ability to chew, and even our speech. A missing tooth also impacts the structure of your jaw. Without the stimulation of the tooth, you can experience… Read more »

Want to Smile Proudly? A Porcelain Crown Could Help

Have you been embarrassed to show your smile, all because of a noticeable dental restoration like a metal crown, or even visible damage like chips or cracks? If so, you might think that there is no solution that will leave you with a beautiful-looking smile again. Fortunately, that is not the cases. Modern dental restorations… Read more »

Could a Dental Crown Be What Your Smile Needs?

Are you having a hard time enjoying meals with your family, lately, because of tooth sensitivity that is making it difficult to chew comfortably? Have you given up desserts altogether, not because you’re watching your waistline, but simply because they are not worth the dental pain? If so, it’s time to see your restorative dentist…. Read more »