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Could You Be Susceptible to Gum Disease?

Ever wondered if your gums are as healthy as they could be? While it’s often easy to see signs of wear or damage on the teeth, it can be simple to overlook the gums, when it comes to the smile. This is likely why millions of Americans are believed to struggle with gingivitis, the first… Read more »

Could I Already Have Gum Disease?

When it comes to caring for your smile, the teeth may be what initially come to mind. After all, healthy teeth help to make a great first impression, and are in fact crucial to eating comfortably and effectively. Yet the gums are just as important to your overall health. Sadly, they often go neglected in… Read more »

Protecting Your Gingival Health

The definition of gingival is “gums.” When we think of dentistry we think of teeth. We like and need for our teeth to be straight, white, and cavity free. However, dentistry isn’t just about the health of your teeth, it is also about the health of your gums–your gingival tissue. It is important to protect… Read more »

Some Facts About Gum Disease

Did you know that our ancient ancestors had healthier teeth than modern people do? It’s true. Their diet was different and although their mouths’ were rife with bacteria as are ours, the good bacteria kept the bad bacteria in balance. Our modern diet has proven to be catastrophic for our teeth. That is why tooth… Read more »

How To Treat Periodontal Disease

If you are 30 or older there is a 50-50 chance you are walking around with gum disease, and there is a much higher chance if you are over the age of 65. Gum disease is a progressive disease that can lead to tooth loss. However, in most cases it is easily preventable. Proper daily… Read more »

Understanding Gingivitis vs. Periodontitis

Gum disease is a hot topic among dental professionals because it can have serious consequences for your oral and physical health. When bacteria accumulate in your gums, they can cause tooth loss, gum recession, and many other problems. However, if you are worried about protecting your oral health, you may also be wondering about gingivitis… Read more »

What You Need to Know About Preventing Gum Disease

Even if you don’t yet have it, knowing how to prevent gum disease is important to preserving your healthy, beautiful smile. Knowing what the disease looks like will help you spot its presence early. Likewise, knowing that gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss will help you understand the importance of seeking immediate… Read more »

How Important Is Your Toothbrush?

Normally you are probably very cautious about what you put in your mouth. Are you as fussy about your toothbrush? I bet not. Most people probably don’t think much about their toothbrush. They may choose it based on color or price, throw it in the shopping cart, and use it until the bristles bend or… Read more »

How Your Oral Health Affects Your Body

Did you know that your oral health might affect, contribute to, or be affected by the rest of your body? Research has linked your oral health to your overall health in many different studies. Periodontitis–the severest form of gum disease–has been linked to diabetes, heart disease, and dementia. In today’s blog, your North Richland Hills… Read more »

What is Your Dental Health Like?

Your dental health is important. Many people may not think so that’s why so many people skip going to the dentist, but it is. Your dental health is linked to your overall health, so if you take good care of your teeth, there is a good chance the rest of your body will be in… Read more »