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What is Root Canal Therapy?

Routine visits to your dentist are vital when it comes to preventing dental diseases and other problems. Occasionally, tooth decay can develop so rapidly that during your preventive care visit your dentist may suggest root canal therapy to save one of your teeth. This procedure is an excellent option for treating tooth damage while saving… Read more »

The Value of an Improved Preventive Care Routine

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you stopped brushing your teeth? The result likely wouldn’t be glamorous. Your daily routine of brushing and flossing is invaluable when it comes to maintaining excellent oral health; but what good are you doing if your preventive care routine has flaws? You could actually be causing harm… Read more »

What Does Dental Discomfort Mean to You?

Usually, a dental issue (like tooth decay or gum disease) will be detected by its symptoms during your routine dental examination and cleaning appointments. In some cases, like a tooth that cracks or breaks due to accidental trauma, you might be fully aware that there’s a problem as soon as it happens. Sometimes, however, you… Read more »

Tooth Contouring FAQs

In most cases, we find that patients can easily point to one concern they have about the appearance of their smiles. For patients who feel concerned about tooth shape or length, we may be able to offer you the improvements that you want with tooth contouring. This cosmetic treatment is comfortable and simple, allowing you… Read more »

In Case of Dental Emergency…

Would you be prepared and confident in a dental emergency? Although emergencies are inconvenient and sometimes unavoidable, you can reduce the risk of losing your teeth by knowing what steps to take in the event that something happens. A dental emergency can involve severe tooth damage, a tooth being knocked out, or becoming loose. Because… Read more »

Shakespeare In Fort Worth

Have you been feeling a bit sad since now that Valentine’s Day made its departure? Or, perhaps you were never one for hearts and flowers and instead prefer a bit of tragedy when it comes to stories of love. Fortunately, Shakespeare offers something for everyone with his romantic yet tragic tales of love. For those… Read more »

Oral Health and Cowboys?

The Fort Worth Cattle Drive has earmarked the city with two enduring symbols recognized throughout the south: cowboys and cattle. The event mimics the Old West and the process of moving cattle from one location to the next. Historically, Fort Worth functioned as a crossroads for cattle drivers, which also evoked calling it “cowtown.” The… Read more »

Can Your Teeth Cause Headaches?

Chronic head pain can be extremely debilitating, especially when the cause remains unknown. When discussing headaches and migraines with your doctor, the important role your teeth play in your level of comfort is often overlooked. All it takes is one minor imbalance to create a huge array of complications. If you are a chronic sufferer,… Read more »

Dental Cavities 101

More than one third of the world’s population is currently affected by dental cavities, also known as “caries”. In many countries where running water is not abundant, people experience even higher amounts of tooth decay; because proper oral hygiene must be consistently practiced in order to prevent its’ formation. Once dental caries have begun to… Read more »

FAQ About Bad Breath

Did you know that the smell of your breath can mean different things? After a tasty meal filled with onions and garlic, the smell drifting from your mouth can be overpowering for quite some time, but usually it will dissipate on its own. Some people experience different kinds of bad breath, known as halitosis, which… Read more »