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Make Brushing Fun

Developing good oral health habits in your children will benefit them for a lifetime. Your teeth are important. Without them you cannot sustain good health and sustenance. The loss of even one permanent tooth can make a huge different when trying to eat fresh, crunchy vegetables; nuts; or meat which is a good source of… Read more »

What Is Conservative Dentistry?

When you have a dental issue you may automatically think you are going to lose your tooth. In fact, some patients probably rather have a tooth extracted than have a root canal or other dental treatment, especially those suffering with dental fear and anxiety. However, it is better to salvage as much of the damaged… Read more »

About Us

Do you dread going to the dentist? Do you even skip some appointments because of it? Visiting your dentist can be nerve-wracking. Fear of the dentist can cause anxiety, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Today’s dentists are aware that almost 20 percent of the population has some level of dental fear or… Read more »

Oral Health and Cowboys?

The Fort Worth Cattle Drive has earmarked the city with two enduring symbols recognized throughout the south: cowboys and cattle. The event mimics the Old West and the process of moving cattle from one location to the next. Historically, Fort Worth functioned as a crossroads for cattle drivers, which also evoked calling it “cowtown.” The… Read more »

5 Foods That Cause Dental Damage

You know that sugar can damage your teeth. It is one of the leading causes of cavities, since oral bacteria derive their energy from starches and sugar. However, you may not be aware that other foods can lead to significant dental damage – and they are not the foods you might expect! While it is… Read more »

Fluoride and Your Dental Health

If you pay attention to health news, you may be aware of the widespread (and primarily online) debate regarding the use of fluoride. Most city water supplies contain fluoride, but in recent years, many people have started to object to the use of this mineral. They claim that fluoride is responsible for a number of… Read more »

Treatment of Bad Breath

Bad breath is generally an embarrassing problem that many people would like to avoid or treat as soon as possible. There are a number of factors that can cause it, and some of these problems can be serious, such as an infection. If you are dealing with chronic bad breath, we can help you find… Read more »

Dealing With Crooked Teeth

Many teenagers and some adults experience malocclusion, which means your teeth are misaligned in some way. This condition can be a nuisance, as it might require expensive orthodontic treatment to fix, which may not seem worth it. However, crooked teeth are not just a cosmetic issue; they can actually impact your overall oral health by… Read more »

Keep Your Children’s Teeth Safe this Halloween

Some costumes might scare smaller children, but what worries parents most about Halloween is typically the massive amounts of candy that their kids will come home with and gorge on. Stomach aches, sugar highs and lows, and especially cavities are among the many consequences that can stem from excessive candy indulgence. However, while moderation can… Read more »