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What’s the Big Deal About Drinking Soda?

If you are the kind of person who loves drinking a soda in the morning, and at lunch, and as an afternoon snack, then you might already be aware of how many calories you are consuming on a daily basis. But what you might not realize is how devastating a soda habit can be for… Read more »

Is What’s In Your Glass Damaging Your Dental Health?

Do you love waking up to enjoy a piping hot cup of coffee? Is that cup filled with more cream and sugar than coffee? What about the afternoon slump you hit at work? Is it a soda or sweet tea that helps you get your energy levels back up? If you are regularly filling your… Read more »

Take Our Dental Health Quiz!

You probably realize that your teeth serve an important function in your continued wellbeing, and that brushing them every day is vital to their good health. However, beyond the obvious, your teeth are also responsible for digesting your food, enunciating your words, and decorating your face (among many other duties). To learn more about the… Read more »

Got Questions About Smile Care? Talk to Your General Dentist

Do you ever wonder if you are actually doing all you can to protect your teeth from cavities and other oral health threats? In fact, lately, have you been worried that you could actually be suffering from a cavity, now, without even knowing it? Many people want to know more about what is truly required… Read more »

Can My Child Get An Implant?

Children can lose their permanent teeth as well as adults can. They may get a tooth knocked out due to sports, an accident, a blow to the mouth, etc. If this happens, and the tooth is an anterior tooth leaving a space for all to see, you may wonder if your child can get an… Read more »

Your Dental Bridge Questions Answered Here

Nearly 70 percent of the population over the age of 44 are missing at least one tooth due to decay, gum disease, or trauma.  A high percentage of these people have a dental bridge. Dental bridges are a very common solution for tooth loss. If you are missing a single tooth, or maybe a few… Read more »

Why Root Canals Are Actually A Good Thing: Part 1

Sometimes a root canal is the only way to save your tooth, and it is much better to save your teeth than to extract them. Once you lose a tooth, several other complications can develop if you do not have the tooth replaced in a timely manner. To replace the tooth, you have two options,… Read more »

Cause And Effect: Mouth Breathing

Are you aware when you wake up in the morning that you must have been “mouth breathing” throughout the night because your mouth feels dry or slightly sticky? Perhaps you find yourself breathing through your mouth – rather than your nose – throughout the day, which causes you some discomfort. Curious about why this is… Read more »

Plaque Facts: What You Should Know

You probably know that plaque is “bad.” However, you may not make the complete connection between plaque and your oral health, which makes it easy to slack off every now and then with dental care. Unfortunately, a bit of a lax approach may quickly lead to frustrating consequences. Find out how to protect that lovely… Read more »

Beverages Quiz: Safe Or Not Safe?

When it comes to taking a sip of your favorite drink, do you know whether this decision is good for your smile or bad? In the “safe vs. unsafe” discussion regarding your dental health, you may notice that what should be an easy conclusion somehow becomes a stumbling block. You have been drinking diet soda because… Read more »