Want to Enjoy a Brighter, More Beautiful Smile?

Want to Enjoy a Brighter, More Beautiful Smile?Did you love your smile more before you noticed deep staining developing? In fact, have you now grown embarrassed about your teeth’s less-than-pearly white appearance? It can be difficult to feel confident when you know your smile has become discolored. Fortunately, that is why cosmetic dentistry exists. Cosmetic dental treatment like professional teeth whitening can help to lighten teeth by several shades, allowing for an improved appearance and with it renewed confidence, as well.

Address Deep Discoloration with Professional Whitening

If your only issue is staining, then teeth whitening is most likely the best solution. Whitening is designed to break up surface stains, and then reveal lighter teeth. For many patients, professional teeth whitening can create teeth that are anywhere between five and eight shades lighter, often in only a few week’s time.

Enjoy Even More Comprehensive Results with Porcelain Veneers

Of course, some patients discover that the cause of their teeth’s discoloration is intrinsic or permanent in nature. In these cases, there is no reason to give up on hope on achieving a brighter smile. Instead, simply talk to your dentist about how an alternative treatment, such as porcelain veneers, could help. Veneers are designed to create natural-looking enhancements, that can help to address a wide variety of flaws, from permanent discoloration to minor gapping or oddly-shaped teeth.

Plus, veneers also offer an added benefit – great longevity. That’s because the dental-grade porcelain used to craft modern veneers is both durable and stain resistance, allowing for smile enhancements that can last for ten years or more, with proper care.

Want to Schedule Cosmetic Dentistry?

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