Love Your Smile? If Not, Talk to Your Cosmetic Dentist!

Love Your Smile? If Not, Talk to Your Cosmetic Dentist!Do you despise how your smile looks in photographs, or even in the mirror? Tooth imperfections can be a major source of insecurity. Fortunately, they don’t have to get the last word. If you want to have a smile you feel proud showing off, the kind that makes a great first impression and looks beautiful in pictures, why not talk to your cosmetic dentist about how treatment could help hide those flaws and leave you feeling more fabulous? You might be pleasantly surprised just how quickly your cosmetic dentist might be able to improve your confidence, by helping to provide you with beautiful pearly whites!

Tired of Suffering from Insecurities?

Whether you are embarrassed by tooth stains, inconsistencies in your teeth’s shape or size, or you are frustrated by minor gaps between your teeth, cosmetic dentistry can likely provide a solution.

Whitening – for teeth stains, professional teeth whitening is often a wonderful treatment option, since it can generally help to lighten teeth by several shades relatively quickly

Cosmetic bonding – if you have other concerns, though, such as disproportionately small teeth, jagged edges, or even minor gaps between some of your teeth, cosmetic bonding could be a great option. It can often be completed in a single office visit, yet it can create durable enhancements

Porcelain Veneers – of course, for even longer-lasting enhancements, you may want to choose porcelain veneers. Since porcelain is stain-resistant, veneers can often be enjoyed for more than a decade.

To determine which of these treatments is right for you, or if a combination of them might be in order, as part of a customized smile makeover, schedule a consultation with your cosmetic dentist.

Interested in Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry makes it possible to address many smile imperfections with beautiful and natural-looking results. You can schedule a cosmetic consultation with Dr. Steven Huffstutler in Ft. Worth, TX, today, by calling 817-918-3038.