Want to Smile Confidently? A Porcelain Crown Could Be Key!

Want to Smile Confidently? A Porcelain Crown Could Be Key!If you have spent several years feeling embarrassed by noticeable metal dental work, there are actually several reasons to consider updating your restoration. The most obvious might be for the cosmetic benefit of having a more natural-looking restoration, such as a porcelain crown. That said, there are actual important functional reasons to consider a more modern dental restoration, as well. Over time, old crowns can begin to fail, potentially leading to painful tooth infections. For many patients, dentists recommend replacing crowns every five to ten years. If yours was placed longer than that, a more seamless update could be a great solution, both cosmetically and functionally.

Damaged Teeth Need Protection

When teeth have become decayed or otherwise damaged, restorative treatment is essential. That’s because restorations serve to protect the sensitive interior of the tooth, by preventing exposure to bacteria. Crowns are a great form of protection, however after ten years the chances of them failing begin to increase.

For this reason, if your crown has become ill-fitting, you are embarrassed by it, or you are simply concerned it could need updating, it’s wise to schedule a consultation with your restorative dentist.

Porcelain Crowns Offer Cosmetic Benefits, And Functional Ones

If you do find that a new dental crown is in order, or are diagnosed with a dental issue that will require a crown be placed, the great news is that porcelain crowns can help to provide both cosmetic and functional benefits.

Plus, dental-grade porcelain is incredibly durable and stain-resistant, making it a great long-term restorative solution that can inspire confidence, and provide comfort.

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