Month: July 2017

Want to Smile Confidently? A Porcelain Crown Could Be Key!

If you have spent several years feeling embarrassed by noticeable metal dental work, there are actually several reasons to consider updating your restoration. The most obvious might be for the cosmetic benefit of having a more natural-looking restoration, such as a porcelain crown. That said, there are actual important functional reasons to consider a more… Read more »

Looking to Have Fun as a Family In Fort Worth?

Want to see a great movie right in the heart of downtown Fort Worth? If so, don’t miss the upcoming movie nights at Sundance Square Plaza. This is one of the plaza’s most beloved annual events. These are great opportunities to get together with family, or friends, to catch classic films brought back to an… Read more »

Take Our Dental Health Quiz!

You probably realize that your teeth serve an important function in your continued wellbeing, and that brushing them every day is vital to their good health. However, beyond the obvious, your teeth are also responsible for digesting your food, enunciating your words, and decorating your face (among many other duties). To learn more about the… Read more »