Is What’s In Your Glass Damaging Your Dental Health?

Is What’s In Your Glass Damaging Your Dental Health?Do you love waking up to enjoy a piping hot cup of coffee? Is that cup filled with more cream and sugar than coffee? What about the afternoon slump you hit at work? Is it a soda or sweet tea that helps you get your energy levels back up? If you are regularly filling your drinking glass with beverages other than water, you could be at a heightened risk of developing cavities and even gum disease, which would require restorative dental treatment. Fortunately, you don’t have to skip out on your favorite drinks altogether to adequately protect your smile. You just need to be smart about the dietary choices you are making, and to regularly fill up on the healthiest choice of all, H20.

Beware of Sugary Beverages

Any drink that is laden with sugar can be problematic for your smile. That’s because the bacteria that are present in the mouth feed upon sugars. While obviously sugary drinks like soda may be the first items that come to mind, many other beverages are also high in sugar content. For instance, juices, smoothies, energy and sports drinks are often filled with large amounts of sugar.

Before you purchase any drink, it’s best to read the label, or to ask for the nutritional information. That way you can make informed decisions.

Caffeine and Alcohol Can Cause Problems for Your Smile

Caffeine and alcohol can be particularly problematic for the smile, since they can contribute to dry mouth. Chronic dry mouth can further dental problems, because it means saliva is not present. Saliva naturally defends against plaque buildup.

If you are going to enjoy a sugar, acidic, caffeinated or alcoholic beverage, it’s best to drink water shortly after, that way you can stay properly hydrated, and even help to gently clean the surface of the teeth. Using a straw, if possible, can also help limit your teeth’s contact with these beverages.

Just make sure you also schedule regular preventive care, to keep your smile healthy.

Looking for a Preventive Dentist?

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