Got Questions? Talk to Your Preventive Dentist

Got Questions? Talk to Your Preventive DentistDo you ever wonder if there is more that you should be doing to help protect your smile from issues like cavities? What about your gums? Gum disease is prevalent, yet it’s largely preventable with good hygiene and other smart choices. In other words, knowing how to properly care for your smile can be essential to preventing dental issues. Preventive care can also keep your smile looking and feeling its best. So, if you have questions about how to properly care for your smile, it’s time to talk to your dentist.

How often should I get dental cleanings?

One way to protect your teeth and gums, is by scheduling regular preventive dental visits. Most patients should get cleanings at least twice a year, though anyone prone to cavities may find that more frequent cleanings are actually necessary.

Is sensitivity always a sign of a problem?

While minor tooth sensitivity when eating or drinking is not necessarily a cause for concern, if the sensitivity seems heightened or uncomfortable it could be due to a dental problem, like a cavity. Cavities occur when the enamel has been eroded, to the point of the sensitive layer beneath it becoming exposed.

Will my smile be filled with metal, if I need a restoration?

If you are diagnosed with a cavity, a restorative dental filling may be recommended. While fillings were once made mostly out of metal, now dentists often offer less obvious tooth-colored fillings, which can inspire confidence. These fillings are made of composite resin.

Looking for a Local Dentist?

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