Is A Root Canal Scary?

is a root canal scaryHearing that you may need a root canal is scary to most people. Much of this fear comes from a misunderstanding about root canals. Root canal treatment is often the last option before extraction. It is done with the goal of preserving as much of the tooth as possible. Technology has come a long way to make the procedure more comfortable. With the advances in technology, root canal therapy can be similar to getting a filling. 

A root canal can prevent loss of the tooth

When decay and infection reach the pulp of the tooth, it is essential to remove the infection before it eradicates the tooth or weakens the jawbone. A root canal treatment can remove the infection from the roots without removing the entire tooth. Ideally the infected tissues and any harmful bacteria will be removed while leaving as much healthy tooth intact as possible. Restorative treatment will be needed to preserve and protect whatever remains of the tooth.

The results can last a lifetime

With a good restoration process such as a crown, the remainder of the tooth can last a very long time. Good oral hygiene is imperative, as well as regular visits to your dentist to check on the status of the crown.

Discomfort can be minimized

With anesthesia and sedation, a root canal treatment can be less daunting for a patient. Typically the pain of a tooth needing a root canal can be much more painful than the treatment. In fact, the root canal will likely provide much needed relief.

A root canal can save your tooth.

Your dentist can discuss if a root canal is the right treatment for you. You can schedule a consultation with Dr. Steven Huffstutler in Ft. Worth, TX, today by calling 817-918-3038.