Could a Crown Be the Restorative Solution Your Smile Needs?

Could a Crown Be the Restorative Solution Your Smile Needs?If you have been experiencing increasing dental sensitivity over the last few weeks or months, it could be indication that your teeth have become damaged. While cavities are incredibly common, chips and cracks can also occur. Anytime the teeth become fragile or broken, restorative care is crucial, because that can help to prevent the tooth from becoming even worse with chewing and general wear. It is also an important way to protect against painful tooth infections, or the need for extraction. Fortunately, for many dental problems, porcelain dental crowns make a beautiful and durable smile solution.

How Could a Dental Crown Improve Your Smile?

If you are diagnosed with a cavity that has deeply decayed your tooth, the dentist might recommend root canal treatment to remove any infected portions of the tooth. Then, the dentist will likely use a crown to help seal the tooth against further exposure to bacteria, which could lead to painful infections or even the need for an extraction.

Of course, crowns can also be used to help protect teeth that have been compromised by trauma or injury.

Want to Enjoy a Stable Prostheses?

What many don’t realize, though, is that dental crowns can even serve as part of a prosthetic solution to address tooth loss. That is thanks in large part to the incredible durability of dental-grade porcelain.

Full crowns can be used as natural-looking replacement teeth, or as part of a dental bridge to replace one or several teeth. They can also be used with dental implants, to create even more secure prostheses.

Need Restorative Dental Treatment?

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