The Benefits of Cosmetic Tooth Fillings

Almost all forms of dentistry have a cosmetic element to them. In addition to restoring your smile, our goal is also to improve your confidence in it. Because cavities are among the most common dental issues, the tooth fillings needed to treat them are among the most frequently-performed procedures. Therefore, we provide custom cosmetic tooth fillings that are made from composite resin rather than metal, and that offer a number of benefits compared to more traditional fillings.

They’re tooth-colored.

A cosmetic filling offers a more esthetic restoration because it blends in with your tooth’s natural appearance. The composite resin used to create tooth-colored fillings is a unique blend of finely ground acrylic and quartz-like particles. Unlike metal, the resin can be custom-tinted to match your tooth’s specific color and shade.

They’re safer.

Also unlike metal fillings, tooth-colored ones don’t contain mercury or any other traces of metal. This makes them safer for a larger variety of patients, including those with metal allergies or who are pregnant. Cavities can strike people of all ages and from all backgrounds, and more biocompatible fillings mean more people can receive the dental care they need and deserve.

They interact with teeth better.

Over time, metal can change shape, expanding in the heat and contracting in the cold. When a metal filling changes shape, it can damage your tooth’s structure or leave it vulnerable to further infection from oral bacteria. Composite resin retains its shape in all temperatures, reducing the risks of filling failure and eliminating the chances of your restoration compromising your tooth.

Ask Your Dentist About a Cosmetic Filling

If you have a cavity, then ask your dentist if a cosmetic tooth filling is the best way to treat it. To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Dr. Steven Huffstutler in Ft. Worth, TX, today at 817-918-3038.