Full Rehabilitation for Your Smile

Ideally, restorative dental treatment would be as straight forward as fixing a single problem and completely restoring your smile. However, your dental health care may not always be that simple, and in some cases, compounding issues can make smile restoration seemingly complicated. The good news is that full-mouth rehabilitation can often be completed conservatively, with one or more treatments specifically designed to maximize your results. If you have several different smile concerns to address, then find out if you’re a good candidate for full rehabilitation for your smile.

What Does Full-Mouth Rehabilitation Mean?

As the name suggests, full-mouth rehabilitation means designing a treatment plan that takes your entire smile into account, including its appearance, alignment, health, and ability to operate properly. The goal is to help you resolve issues such as tooth decay, tooth damage, gum disease, bite complications (like bruxism and TMJ disorder), missing teeth, and more. Depending on your specific needs, your treatment plan may be designed to address:

  • Excessive tooth wear, such as from unchecked bruxism
  • Chronic pain from TMJ disorder, such as headaches, jaw soreness, and difficulty biting and chewing
  • Failed dental work, such as a loose or knocked-out filling
  • Lost or extracted teeth
  • Severe tooth infection
  • Severe tooth damage
  • Severe gum disease
  • And more

Redesigning Your Entire Smile

Because your dental health is unique, your smile rehabilitation plan will be tailored to your specific needs. Therefore, your first step will be to undergo a comprehensive examination, during which your dentist can accurately diagnose your concerns and consult with you to determine which treatment options are most appropriate.

See if You Qualify for Full-Mouth Rehabilitation

If your smile has been through a lot, then find out how full-mouth rehabilitation can help you design a new, more attractive, and more functional one! To schedule a consultation, call Dr. Steven Huffstutler in Ft. Worth, TX, today at 817-918-3038.