Questions About Bridges? We’ll Answer Them Here!

A dental bridge is one type of prosthetic that can replace missing teeth. There is also the implant–a surgical procedure that places a small titanium post into your jawbone. Then there are partial and full dentures. So, when it comes to missing teeth, you have options to replace them. However, each option has specific modalities. If you’re wondering about dental bridges, what they are, and what they are used for, we will answer your questions here.

Q and A About Dental Bridges

Question: Is a dental bridge and a partial denture the same?

Answer: No. A dental bridge is a “fixed” restoration that can only be removed by your dentist, if necessary. A partial denture is removable. Another difference is that a dental bridge is designed to replace one tooth, or up to three teeth in a row; the missing teeth must be adjacent to one another. The partial denture, however, can restore missing teeth that are not necessarily in a row because a partial denture is configured around the remaining healthy teeth, as long as they are on the same arch.

Question: How does a dental bridge work?

Answer: A dental bridge consists of up to three replacement teeth. On each end of the bridge is a crown. The crown is cemented over the healthy tooth on each end of the gap left by your missing tooth/teeth.  These teeth, however, need to be reduced to accommodate the thickness of the crown. Once the crowns are placed over your teeth, the pontics (replacement teeth) fit into the gap left by your missing teeth and your smile is restored.

Question: Will people be able to tell I have a bridge?

Answer: The crowns and the pontics that make up your dental bridge are fabricated to the size, shape, and color of your original teeth. Therefore, your dental bridges will blend in with your already existing teeth to restore your chewing function, your bite, and your smile.

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