Can My Child Get An Implant?

Children can lose their permanent teeth as well as adults can. They may get a tooth knocked out due to sports, an accident, a blow to the mouth, etc. If this happens, and the tooth is an anterior tooth leaving a space for all to see, you may wonder if your child can get an implant. It depends on the child’s age. If the child is under the age of 18, chances are the answer would be no.

Why The Answer May Be No

The reason that it is not recommended that children under the age of 18 undergo implant placement is because their jaws are still developing.  If an implant were placed, and it fused readily with the bone (osseointegrated) as required, as the child’s jaw continued to grow and develop, the implant might shift out of its original position. If this were to happen, it could lead to numerous other issues that may require extensive orthodontic or restorative treatment.

All Is Not Lost (Pardon The Pun)

Although your child may have lost a tooth and cannot receive an implant, they still may be a candidate for another type of prosthetic so they don’t have to be embarrassed to smile. Your dentist will discuss the possible options with you. Then when your child’s jaw is fully developed, they may be able to undergo implant placement at that time.

Wondering If Your Child Is A Candidate For An Implant?

If you’re wondering if your child is a candidate for a dental implant, call Dr. Huffstutler today so he can explain your options. Schedule a consultation at his Fort Worth, TX, office by calling 817-918-3038!