What To Expect After Dental Implant Surgery: Installment #3

Are you surprised that there are three installments regarding what to expect after dental implant surgery? Well, we just like to be thorough. So, there may even be a fourth! If you know what to expect before, during, and after any dental treatment, it can help relieve your anxiety, and make you more confident about receiving the treatment. Let’s face it, with everything else going on in your life, there are times you probably wish you could ignore your dental health needs, but that is not recommended. Your dental health affects your overall health, and you wouldn’t ignore your physical health, would you? We hope not!

There’s More?

Yes, there’s more! The better informed you are, the better you can take care of yourself!

Ice Packs: You will be applying ice packs to help relieve swelling and discomfort after surgery, and here is a cool way to do it. Cut a pair of pantyhose at thighs. After filling two Ziploc baggies with crushed ice, slide one bag halfway down one leg to the knee area, then slide the other bag down the other leg to the same area. Tie each end so the bags do not slip out. Now, tie the “foot” ends of the pantyhose over the top of your head so one bad of ice is on each side of your face. Adjust ice so it’s over the surgical site/s.

Diet: While sometimes it is advisable to limit your foods to soft foods and liquids such as apple sauce, pudding, soup, yogurt, milk shakes, etc., for the first few days after surgery, it is not always absolutely required. The important thing is to eat any nourishing foods that can be taken with comfort, and over the following few days gradually progress to solid foods. However, for the first few days:

  • Avoid extremely hot foods.
  • Do not use a straw.
  • Avoid chewing until sensation in your tongue has returned.
  • Avoid nuts, seeds, rice, popcorn and other similar foods.
  • Do not to skip meals.

Stomach Upset: For some people the anesthesia, pain medicines, discomfort, and/or swallowed blood can cause nausea and vomiting. Post-operative nausea is usually limited. If you experience nausea, try taking small sips of flat cola or ginger ale, or eating soda crackers. If nausea is persistent, substitute an over-the-counter pain medicine for your prescription meds. If that doesn’t help, call our office.