The Veneer Makeover

Porcelain veneers have been the treatment of choice for celebrities, politicians, and the like for decades. That’s because veneers can correct several cosmetic issues at one time providing you with a complete smile makeover with only one procedure. If your smile is marred by more than one cosmetic imperfection, dental veneers may be the right treatment for you.  Two dental visits are required for a veneer makeover, but your dental veneers will look just like your natural teeth, are cared for the same as your natural teeth, and can last a lifetime.

Can People Tell You Have Veneers?

There are people you probably know right now that are walking around with porcelain veneers. Porcelain is a ceramic material with the same esthetic characteristics as your natural teeth. Porcelain is naturally white, and has the same opalescence and translucency as your natural tooth structure. Veneers are also custom fabricated to look just like your original teeth, so people won’t even know you have them.

Why Two Visits?

Porcelain veneers are ultra-thin shells of ceramic that are bonded to the front of your teeth. To place veneers, however, the removal of some of your natural tooth structure is require to accommodate the thickness of the veneer. Without this step, your teeth will look thick and unnatural. The first visit consists of preparing the tooth by removing about .5mm of enamel. Impressions are then taken so the lab technician can craft the veneers to the shape and size of your natural dentition. After about two weeks, when your new custom-fabricated veneers are finished, the second visit consists of bonding them to the fronts of your teeth for a brand-new smile!