Plaque Facts: What You Should Know

factsofficesuppliesYou probably know that plaque is “bad.” However, you may not make the complete connection between plaque and your oral health, which makes it easy to slack off every now and then with dental care. Unfortunately, a bit of a lax approach may quickly lead to frustrating consequences. Find out how to protect that lovely smile of yours by getting the facts on plaque.

It’s Ever Present

If you think you just need to brush and floss every now and then because your teeth feel clean (so there must not be any plaque left), think again. Plaque is a sticky film that you will not necessarily be able to feel on your teeth every moment of the day. Twice-a-day brushing and once-a-day flossing is needed to keep it under control.

You Can Remove Most Of It (But Not All)

Your efforts in dental hygiene at home will provide your oral health with a great degree of protection – but not 100 percent protection. You will ultimately miss a bit of plaque, which can harm your smile. Fortunately, we will complete the cleaning process during your twice-a-year cleanings with us.

It Leads To Problems

Plaque, a bacteria-rich substance, is known for the damage it may cause your oral health. It can lead to tooth decay, irritate gum tissue and lead to gum disease, and cause bad breath.

It Can Harden Quickly

When plaque is still plaque, you may remove it easily with dental hygiene. When it hardens and becomes tartar, you cannot (this is something we will clean away during cleanings). Keep your oral health safe and your dental hygiene effective by remaining consistent on a daily basis.