Month: May 2016

The ABC’s Of Veneer Benefits

Have you been spending time considering a variety of cosmetic dentistry treatments to help you arrive at your personal finish line of a gorgeous grin? If so, you have likely recognized that it’s important to consider the multiple, unique benefits of each treatment you are thinking about selecting. When it comes to choosing porcelain veneers… Read more »

Cause And Effect: Mouth Breathing

Are you aware when you wake up in the morning that you must have been “mouth breathing” throughout the night because your mouth feels dry or slightly sticky? Perhaps you find yourself breathing through your mouth – rather than your nose – throughout the day, which causes you some discomfort. Curious about why this is… Read more »

3 Things To Remove From Your Bathroom

Have you ever wondered why your intentions for a streamlined, straightforward dental hygiene session can become derailed? The good news is that you’re not the only person in the world who has ever become distracted during brushing or flossing. However, when you’re not on track and enjoying a daily rhythm, your preventive care may begin… Read more »

Plaque Facts: What You Should Know

You probably know that plaque is “bad.” However, you may not make the complete connection between plaque and your oral health, which makes it easy to slack off every now and then with dental care. Unfortunately, a bit of a lax approach may quickly lead to frustrating consequences. Find out how to protect that lovely… Read more »

Dental Hygiene Quiz: Choosing Floss

Do you know how to choose the right dental floss for your dental hygiene experience? Did you even know that there were different types of flosses or do you tend to reach for the nearest option in the hygiene aisle? Whatever the case, it is important to note that you have options when it comes to… Read more »