Smile Restoration: Patient Success Story

thumbsupWhat is it that keeps you from contacting us to make the changes you need for a better smile? Are you worried that your smile needs are too complex? Perhaps you are embarrassed by the amount of work you need. Good news: We offer a comprehensive selection of restorative treatments (cosmetic, too) to help you achieve the esthetic and functional changes you require for your personal smile goals. For a real-life perspective regarding what you can accomplish, consider the recent patient success story of Julie, someone who initially felt hesitant about dental care.

About Julie

Julie came to our practice with what she explained to us was a “ton” of problems with her mouth. As a result, she felt nervous about scheduling an appointment. One of the major obstacles she felt might become a problem was her already existing full denture on top and partial denture on her bottom arch. Having already received restorative treatment in the form of teeth replacement, Julie thought she may not have much room for improvement. Fortunately, she was wrong!

Julie’s Success

The good news is that Julie knew of our practice from years prior and trusted our team. As a result, she took a leap of faith and scheduled time to meet with us about restoring her oral health and the beauty of her smile. After a thorough exam, we referred her to a trusted oral surgeon in an effort to work collaboratively toward the complete, healthy grin Julie came to us to achieve.

In addition to the praise we are so honored to receive (she mentioned that we made her feel very calm and comfortable, which is always our priority for our patients during any type of visit), she reported that she was extremely happy with her smile rebuild results.

About You

If you would like to make changes to your oral health or to specific challenges you are facing with your smile, remember that the best thing you can do is to call our office to learn more about cosmetic and restorative treatments. Like Julie’s experience, if you require extensive dental work or the help of a specialist throughout your journey, we will guide you step by step toward the finish line, where you will enjoy a healthy, gorgeous smile.