Beverages Quiz: Safe Or Not Safe?

quizchalkWhen it comes to taking a sip of your favorite drink, do you know whether this decision is good for your smile or bad? In the “safe vs. unsafe” discussion regarding your dental health, you may notice that what should be an easy conclusion somehow becomes a stumbling block. You have been drinking diet soda because sugar is bad for your teeth but someone recently mentioned that this alternative is equally unsafe for other reasons. Do you know what those reasons are? Step your way through a speedy quiz to gain some more knowledge (and much needed clarity) on this topic.

Quiz: Beverages

  1. True or False: You can drink anything you want, whether it’s coffee, tea, lemonade, a milkshake, or otherwise – just remember to wash your mouth with water afterwards and then brush a half hour later to protect your dental health.
  2. True or False: Any drink that is touted for its health benefits is safe for your teeth, too.
  3. True or False: If you want to quench your thirst, protect your smile, and keep your body health, water is always a good choice.

Quiz Answers

  1. True. This is accurate. While avoiding sugar-filled or acidic drinks is always the better choice for your smile, this is not always possible or desirable. When you choose to drink something that is acidic or high in sugar, rinsing and then brushing later is your best option for avoiding dental health problems like tooth decay.
  2. False. While a drink may be packed with certain vitamins and minerals that are good for your general health, it’s important to take a close look at the ingredients. A drink that is known for its acidic properties (coffee, for instance), that contains citric acid, or that contains sugar may offer some benefits – but it also poses a threat for your smile.
  3. True. We suggest patients choose water as often as possible for comprehensive health protection.