Beautify Your Smile With … Restorative Dentistry?

questionstickiesWhen you think about making the changes necessary to enjoy a beautiful smile, you likely head in the direction of cosmetic care. Obviously, you will need one or a bevy of treatments like teeth whitening or porcelain veneers to get the job done, right? Well, this is not always the case. In some instances, patients don’t immediately recognize that the cause of their smiles’ less than pleasing appearance is simply a need for restorative dentistry. Not sure how restorations can make your smile look better? Allow us to explain.

When Your Smile Is Incomplete

Whether you’re missing one tooth or several teeth, an incomplete smile often causes great embarrassment for patients. Restorative dentistry will help by replacing missing teeth, so you may enjoy a full, intact grin again that looks just as exceptional as it feels.

When Your Smile Looks “Old”

If your smile looks “old” it might have less to do with requiring a whiter smile and more to do with requiring the replacement of your dental work. For instance, do you have metal crowns or fillings? Are your porcelain restorations quite old? By replacing old dental work with new, lifelike materials, we can dramatically improve the beauty and natural appearance of your smile. As a result, this feature will regain a more youthful quality.

When Your Smile Is Damaged

Your smile may be experiencing a variety of problems that have caused damage. For instance, perhaps you have cavities that have disfigured a couple teeth. Maybe you have accidentally cracked a tooth while eating something hard. Whatever the case, cleaning up your smile for a more beautiful appearance often relies on restoring your oral health. As a result, your teeth will look whole and healthy, which is often the basis of a lovely smile.