Dental Contouring Candidacy: Fact Or Fiction?

factssignThough cosmetic treatments like dental contouring are extremely convenient and beneficial, we find that patients become reserved when they are unsure about their candidacy. It’s important to remember that we are always happy to speak with you about your options – and we will seek out treatments that will help you if the one you are interested in is not necessarily suited to your needs. Discover more about what’s real – and what’s just rumor – in the world of contouring candidacy.

Fact or Fiction?

Fiction: As long as your teeth look healthy and thick enough, we will assume you have enough enamel for us to contour.

Fact: Actually, even though dental contouring removes a very small amount of your tooth’s tissue, we still need a precise measurement of your enamel. We can accomplish this with the use of advanced imaging. Then, if you have an adequate amount of tissue, we may move forward.

Fiction: If it turns out you do not have enough enamel for dental contouring, you will simply need to accept your smile the way it is – there’s nothing we can do if your tooth’s outermost layer is too thin.

Fact: Fortunately, if we cannot remove tissue, we can easily improve the beauty of your smile by adding a minuscule amount of “tissue.” You can achieve a gorgeous grin with either bonding or the placement of porcelain veneers.

Fiction: If you want to receive dental bonding for certain issues, you will no longer qualify as a candidate for dental contouring. This is a choose one or the other type of situation.

Fact: You may elect to receive both bonding and contouring in an effort to reshape your smile to the specifications you desire.