Bonding Aftercare Quiz

quizgreenHave you been considering dental bonding to beautify your smile? Are you finding that you are completely comfortable with what to expect from the procedure itself – but you aren’t quite so sure about what to expect once you arrive home with your gorgeous new grin? No problem – we have gathered a quick quiz for you to take. You may find that you are already fully prepared for this easy transition – or you just might learn a new fact or two for an even more streamlined experience with bonding.

Caring For Bonded Teeth: True or False?

  1. True or False: If you choose dental bonding, you will have to come in for several more visits after the initial procedure until the treatment is complete.
  2. True or False: Once you return home, caring for your smile will remain similar – if not identical – to your usual routine.
  3. True or False: Keeping your bonding in good shape for an extended amount of time is nearly impossible – you can expect the cosmetic treatment to hold up for around a year or so.

Quiz Answers

  1. False. Dental bonding requires you to show up for one visit in most cases. This is an efficient option for improving minor esthetic issues.
  2. True. We will recommend the same care guidelines that we suggest for natural teeth that have not received bonding. You will need to keep your entire smile clean (bonded area included) with twice daily brushing (using soft bristles and nonabrasive toothpaste). Flossing is also still essential once a day.
  3. False. Fortunately, protecting your bonded tooth is simple. Dental bonding commonly lasts for approximately 10 years. Avoid using your teeth to open containers or packages and avoid chewing habits like nail biting.