Month: January 2016

3 (False) Rumors About Teeth Whitening

Are you driving yourself a little bit crazy because you want to brighten your smile with teeth whitening – but you have heard some rumors that give you pause? The good news is that we only offer treatments that benefit our patients, so you can rest easy with the knowledge that our cosmetic care will… Read more »

What’s Stopping You From Cosmetic Care?

Are you extremely interested in the benefits of cosmetic dentistry? Do you have friends and family members whose smiles have become transformed before your very eyes thanks to cosmetic care? If so, what is stopping you from seeking treatment with us? If you’re anything like many of our patients, you have some concerns that are… Read more »

Schedule Your Root Canal Immediately

If we have suggested that you schedule a root canal treatment, it is essential you do so right away. Feeling hesitant because you are somewhat concerned about a root canal visit? Allow us to offer some clarity on the topic: First, when it comes to root canals, putting off treatment can result in significant consequences…. Read more »

Do You Want A Dental Bridge?

If you have decided that you think a dental bridge is best for your smile, we are happy you have been looking into tooth replacement solutions. Replacing missing teeth is extremely important after tooth loss because it protects your smile in many ways, from safeguarding alignment to promoting effective dental hygiene. However, when we talk… Read more »