Do You Have TMJ Disorder?

womanquestionhandHave you been seeing the phrase TMJ disorder as you research your uncomfortable jaw on the Internet? Did a friend ask you if you’re suffering from TMJ problems when you mentioned your chronic headaches? If so, particularly if you have never heard of this dental disorder, you may be feeling curious. Could the uncomfortable symptoms you’re experiencing every day be tied to a problem with your oral health? Fortunately, we can help. We suggest learning more about protecting your jaw joint health, so you have the tools you need to maintain comfort and good oral health.

Look For Common Symptoms

As you research TMJ disorder – and whether it is affecting you – the key is seeking out common symptoms. If you identify with one or more side effects, chances are good you may need to see us about your jaw health. Consider the following:

  • Your jaw clicks or pops when you move it (often when you chew)
  • You deal with daily headaches
  • You sometimes experience “lockjaw” when you attempt to open or close your mouth
  • The area surrounding your jaws hurts or feels fatigued
  • You suffer from neck or shoulder pain

Visit Us For Checkups

Even if you are experiencing every single symptom, it is still essential that you schedule a checkup with us. Whether during a checkup that you schedule because you recognize symptoms or during your six-month preventive checkup, we will thoroughly examine your smile to determine whether you need TMJ disorder treatment.

Agree To Comfortable, Helpful Treatment

Good news. We offer comfortable treatment that is noninvasive in nature. By wearing a custom night guard while you sleep, you can expect relief from the discomfort associated with TMJ disorder. Treatment will also prevent damage from occurring.