Q&A: Not-So-Common Questions About Brushing

toothbrushbluesmileHave you ever wondered if you’re really doing the best job possible when it comes to brushing your teeth? Perhaps it’s not the technique you’re worried about. Instead, maybe you’re curious about some seemingly off-the-beaten-path thoughts like whether your brush is clean enough or if brushing as often as possible is beneficial. Allow us to address your questions with the informative answers you seek, so you know you’re doing a wonderful job with your preventive care.

Questions and Answers: Brushing Your Teeth

Question: Is there anything wrong with doing other things while I’m brushing my teeth in the morning?

Answer: Aside from the obvious danger of tripping and falling with a toothbrush in your mouth, we do suggest that you avoid attempting to complete multiple tasks at once while you brush. Whether you’re grabbing items to throw into your child’s lunch, brushing with one hand while you try to wash your hair with the other, or otherwise – you will simply not perform as thorough of a job. Dedicate two minutes solely to brushing your teeth twice a day for effective preventive care.

Question: I know that toothbrushes tend to harbor bacteria. Should I be washing my brush with soap and scalding hot water?

Answer: We understand that there is a certain yuck-factor associated with the idea of bacteria in your toothbrush. Remember, however, that your mouth is full of bacteria, as well – it’s a natural aspect of dental care. The good news is that rinsing your brush after you use it (and giving it space to dry) is sufficient.

Question: I’ve always assumed it’s best to brush my teeth right away after I eat or drink anything for effective preventive care – is this accurate?

Answer: You’re on the right track but you’re having a timing issue. Actually, it’s best to swish water around in your mouth right after you eat as a preliminary rinse. Rather than brushing immediately, wait a half an hour. Then, you can safely and effectively brush without damaging your enamel.