Month: November 2015

Do You Have Gum Disease?

If you have visited us for preventive care, you have certainly heard us mention that maintaining your smile is essential is preventing gum disease and other issues like tooth decay. When it comes to periodontal problems, taking this to heart is essential. You see, once your gums become inflamed and are headed for infection (the… Read more »

2015: Bye, Bye Benefits!

If you have been with us long, you know that we feel extremely passionate about ensuring all of our patients receive the exceptional, high quality dental care they deserve. As a result, we offer a variety of financing solutions to make this possible. On the list of methods for accessing care is our acceptance of… Read more »

Preventive Care: Your Dental Quiz

How much do you know about your preventive care? Do you assume that a dental cleaning is simply something you need if you have not been brushing and flossing your teeth well enough at home? Perhaps you are already well aware that a checkup is a wonderful way to keep your smile in excellent condition…. Read more »

Q&A: Not-So-Common Questions About Brushing

Have you ever wondered if you’re really doing the best job possible when it comes to brushing your teeth? Perhaps it’s not the technique you’re worried about. Instead, maybe you’re curious about some seemingly off-the-beaten-path thoughts like whether your brush is clean enough or if brushing as often as possible is beneficial. Allow us to… Read more »