Treatment Options for Severe Teeth Stains

Man Covering Mouth to Hide Severe Teeth StainsIt’s a normal part of the aging process for our teeth to take on a yellowish or dull color. After all, many of the our favorite foods and drinks, from coffee to spaghetti sauce to blueberries, leave trace stains on the surface of our teeth that build up over the years. This type of enamel discoloration can be easily addressed using professional teeth whitening trays, available at most dentist’s offices. Unfortunately, some people develop severe discolorations that cannot be removed with regular teeth whitening products.

Why Regular Teeth Whitening Doesn’t Always Work

Whether you buy them from the grocery store, online, or at your dentist’s office, most traditional teeth whitening products are designed to remove stains from the outer layer of the enamel via a chemical reaction. This means that stains originating from inside the tooth (referred to as “intrinsic stains”) are impervious to the regular teeth whitening agents. Intrinsic tooth discoloration can come from a variety of sources, including:

  • Tetracycline, a kind of antibiotic, and other prescription medications.
  • Overexposure to fluoride can cause the teeth to have characteristic white splotches that give the teeth a mottled appearance.
  • Tooth injuries that cause the inner chamber of the tooth to darken (for example, blood within the root canal chamber that dries has a dark appearance that will show through the enamel).

In addition, certain severe surface stains, especially those caused by smoking or chewing tobacco products, can be extremely difficult to remove using traditional teeth whitening measures.

Introducing KöR Deep Bleaching

The KöR Deep Bleaching system was developed with the needs of patients who have severely discolored teeth in mind. The dynamic approach to teeth whitening utilizes a two-step system: First, a one-hour in-office bleaching treatment sets the stage. Second, a home whitening kit consisting of custom-fitted whitening trays and powerful whitening gel finish the job. Most patients are shocked to see how much brighter and whiter their teeth look after using the KöR Deep Bleaching system.