Tooth Contouring: Smooth Your Smile

womanlaughingcloseupUnhappy with the way your smile looks? Do you find that you seek out creative ways to cover up your smile so other people do not notice the problems that cause you to feel embarrassed? If so, ask yourself this question: Are the issues small and easily improved with a tiny bit of tissue removal? If so, it’s time you learn more about tooth contouring. This simple yet effective cosmetic treatment can quickly smooth problem areas and essentially reshape your entire smile if necessary. For a clearer understanding of what to expect and how contouring may benefit your grin, consider the following details:

How We Contour Your Teeth

We will begin by making sure your smile is healthy enough for tooth contouring. We will simply need to take digital X-rays, which will show us how much dental enamel (the outermost tissue layer of your teeth) you have. You see, to contour your teeth we will use a polishing instrument that buffs tiny amounts of tooth tissue away to re-sculpt your teeth. For individuals who do not qualify as candidates, we may need to suggest alternative solutions. Fortunately, contouring is a common procedure that works wonders for most patients.

The Benefits of Tooth Contouring

Now you know that we will remove a minuscule portion of your enamel – but do you really know how advantageous that is for you? Find out more about what we can accomplish with the following benefits:

  • Do you have pointy teeth? We can smooth the tips of your teeth for a gently rounded effect that will look more pleasing and will no longer stab your soft tissues.
  • We can gently shorten a tooth that is longer than the rest, which will improve the symmetry and consistency of your smile.
  • Do you have overlapping teeth? We can often remove a bit of tooth tissue so your teeth look like they sit next to one another in appropriate alignment.
  • Problems with texture? We can often smooth them with contouring.


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