Make Brushing Fun

kidbrushingDeveloping good oral health habits in your children will benefit them for a lifetime. Your teeth are important. Without them you cannot sustain good health and sustenance. The loss of even one permanent tooth can make a huge different when trying to eat fresh, crunchy vegetables; nuts; or meat which is a good source of protein.  Brushing your teeth, especially before bed, can seem a chore for young children, but there are ways to make brushing fun.

Playing Pretend

Encourage your children to pretend they are an animal that opens there mouth wide to yawn or roar while brushing their teeth. Cats yawn very wide and so do lions, tigers, and hippos.

The Aquafresh Smart Phone App

Aquafresh provides a free app that encourages kids to brush for a full two minutes and rewards them with stars when they do. The Nurdle is an icon that teaches children the proper way to brush all parts of their teeth by using music and a timer that counts the minutes.  Each time they brush for two minutes they earn Nurdle stars. Your kids will love having their very own Nurdle and dressing them up with cool stuff that they can purchase at the Nurdle Shop with the Nurdle stars they earned themselves.

The Nurdle Video

Your children can also learn valuable brushing techniques while brushing their teeth with a video of the Nurdles.

The Brushing Song

Aquafresh also provides a 2 minute brushing song that you can download to your computer, smart phone, or MP3 player to make brushing fun.

If you’re interested in downloading the app, video, or brushing song click here.


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