Invisalign: Are Clear Braces Right for You?

Man Who Clearly Needs Invisalign Wondering If He Needs Invisalign. He Does.Clear orthodontics systems like Invisalign have become increasingly popular over the last decade, especially for people who want to improve the overall appearance of their smile without having to wear traditional metal braces for years on end. Invisalign boasts a number of advantages over metal braces, including reduced treatment time, fewer trips to the dentist, and a clear, metal-free smile. However, Invisalign isn’t the best option for everyone. Today, we’re taking a quick look at who might benefit from this revolutionary orthodontic system and who may need to seek alternate treatment options.

Invisalign Might be Right for You If . . .

You want a straighter, healthier smile but you have:

  • Crooked, overlapped, or otherwise uneven teeth
  • An overbite, underbite, open bite, or cross bite
  • Teeth that are gapped or are overly crowded

When to Seek Other Options

Invisalign was designed to discreetly correct mild to moderate orthodontic problems in an average of 12 months. Invisalign is not appropriate for severe orthodontic issues and certain problems like:

  • Rotated teeth (the tooth is turned more than 20 degrees from its normal position)
  • Teeth tilted (or “tipped”) more than 45 degrees
  • Very large gaps between teeth (gaps of more than 6mm)
  • Bite problems that are caused by underlying skeletal problems

Other Considerations

The Invisalign system allows you to remove your aligner trays before eating and brushing and flossing. While the convenience of removing your trays is one of Invisalign’s most popular advantages, it also poses a significant drawback. If you forget to put your aligners back on after eating or brushing, or if you fail to wear them at night, the treatment will not be as efficiently effective, meaning that your treatment time is likely to go longer than originally thought. Before committing to Invisalign, you need to seriously consider whether you are careful enough to follow treatment instructions to the letter.

It All Starts with a Consultation

Before you decide, seek professional advice! Your family dentist can help you determine whether or not Invisalign is the best treatment option for your unique smile needs.



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