What Your Dental Exam Can Tell You

DentexDental exams are an important aspect of preventive dentistry. Your bi-annual checkups can indicate future problems that you can nip before they become serious. Your dental exams can tell you a lot not only about your dental health, but about your overall health. Regular dental visits can help prevent other more serious health issues. If you resist going to your dental appointments you can be putting yourself at risk. There are a lot of important facts your dental exam can tell you.

Dental Issues

The usual issues that are brought to your attention during a dental exam are dental issues. These issues include whether or not cavities are developing, if you are experiencing malocclusion, if you are bruxing without being aware of it, and if you are developing gingivitis or periodontitis.

Medical Issues

Your dental exams can tell you about more than just your dental health, they can detect indications regarding medical issues. Your dentist will exam your mouth, tongue, gums, teeth, neck, head, face, throat, and jaw. If you have any abnormal sores or growths that will not heal, they will be biopsied to make sure they are not cancerous. Poor oral health can also be an indication of vitamin deficiencies, diabetes, or joint problems. Periodontitis left untreated can lead to tooth loss, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, and dementia.

Don’t leave yourself at risk. Attend your biannual dental exams and professional cleanings. They are easy and painless. The American Dental Association recommends a dental exam and cleaning every six months. Coupled with a proper daily oral hygiene regimen, which should include brushing at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and flossing daily, your dental exam should be the bearer of good news.


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