The State Of Dental Health Care

dhcDo you have dental insurance? Although reports vary, it has been estimated that 85 million Americans lack dental coverage. Those without dental coverage are not likely to receive preventive or restorative care, leaving them at greater risk for tooth loss, periodontal disease, and ultimately dentures. Those without dental benefits are more likely to be affected by other illnesses such as heart disease, osteoporosis, and diabetes, at a rate of 67 percent more likely, 50 percent more likely, and 29 percent more likely, respectively. The state of dental health care needs improvement.

Dental Care Shouldn’t be a Luxury

Dental care is not a luxury, it is a definite need. Your dental health is critical to your overall health and well-being. Dental health affects your happiness, self-confidence, success, and your overall health. However, so many people are without dental insurance (2.67 times more than those without medical insurance) that dental care falls by the wayside. It is not just the individual person that is being affected by these statistics. The whole nation is affected. According to statistics 164 million work hours are lost on an annual basis, along with over 51 million school hours, due to dental disease. Hence, the nation’s education and productivity is highly reduced.

What Needs to be Done

  • Educate the consumer: The consumer needs to be awoken to the fact that their dental health is critical to their overall health.
  • Donate care: Dentists can offer sliding scale fees and/or payment plans. They can also donate their time and expertise to outreach events.

Unfortunately, when the going gets tough, the first thing to go is dental care. Try not to let that happen to you.


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