No Pain, No Gain? Not Anymore

gtTeeth are part of your body and when you lose one it leaves you in a tizzy. First, it is often sudden, maybe you bit down on something and broke your tooth, or maybe you didn’t know you were developing a large filling until the pain was too much to bear. One day you have a tooth and the next day you don’t. It’s just a tooth, you say, but it leaves you with a lot of decisions to make. Should you leave the space vacant? Can people see it? Is it harder to eat? Should you get a dental bridge? A removable bridge, a permanent bridge? What about an implant? Besides cost one of the first things that crosses your mind is that without some sort of pain, you are not going to gain another tooth. No pain, no gain? Not anymore.

New Development

There has been a new development. It is called Replicate Tooth™.  Although only available in Germany and Switzerland right now, it may soon be coming this way. Replicate Tooth is a 100 percent customized replica of the patient’s original tooth, and it is placed immediately upon extracting the damaged tooth. There is no surgery involved, no bridges to fabricate.

How it is Done

When a patient presents with a tooth that needs extracting a cone beam CT scan and impressions of the tooth are taken. This information is sent to a dental lab with information such as color and location. The dental lab, located in Berlin, is the only lab at the present time that can design the customized tooth for the patient. Within five days the patient’s tooth is extracted and replace with the implant. FDA approval is required before the system can be marketed in the U.S.


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