Does Whitening Floss Really Exist?

dflTeeth whitening is a multi-billion dollar market. Everybody wants white teeth. They want white teeth because it makes them feel good and it makes others feel good about them. Research on tooth whitening has proven the positive effects it can have on your life. A beautiful white smile reaps many benefits. There are all sorts of ways to whiten your teeth but is whitening dental floss one of them? Does whitening floss really exist?

True or False?

  1. True or False: There are several ways to whiten your teeth, but whitening floss doesn’t really exist.
  2. True or False: Whitening floss may exist but it doesn’t really work.
  3. True or False: Seventy percent of all tooth stains begin between adjacent teeth.
  4. True or False: There are several ways to transform dental floss into whitening floss.
  5. True or False: If your gums are unhealthy it can make your teeth look unhealthy too.


  1. False: Whitening floss does exist. It was invented due to the extreme popularity of the tooth whitening business.
  2. False: Although it can be difficult to know how well whitening floss works because you can’t really see in-between your teeth, it does remove food debris and stain causing particles from between your teeth to help make them look whiter.
  3. True: Because it is believed that 70 percent of tooth stains begin between your teeth, reason dictates that dental floss treated with dental whitener will whiten between teeth to help prevent stains from developing.
  4. True: Dental floss is made into whitening floss by treating the floss with abrasives like silica particles or other compounds. Dental floss can also be treated with calcium peroxide which helps remove discoloration caused by proteins deposits. These proteins are in your saliva and can cause discoloration.
  5. True: Pink, firm, healthy gums can also help your teeth look brighter. Flossing helps maintain healthy gums. Therefore, regardless of white kind of floss you choose, flossing daily is what is important.


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