Cowtown Segway Tours

sgwyShopping, nightlife, food, art, music, culture, adventure, Texas history in real time, you name it and Fort Worth has it. Want to learn about it all in one day? Have you ever ridden a Segway? Take a tour. Different and more exciting than a traditional walking tour, exploring on a Segway–a unique and fun way to learn about a city–allows visitors to see more in a shorter amount of time without becoming hot, exhausted, and cranky.  Explore Forth Worth on a Cowtown Segway Tour.

What: Cowtown Segway Tour

Where: 213 W. 8th Street, Fort Worth, TX 76102

Hours: Monday (closed on Tuesdays) – Sunday 9am to 5pm


A Segway is a personal transportation device that was invented in 2001. It has changed the way to sightsee. As a tour participant you are equipped with your own personal Segway, a helmet, and a set of headphones. Knowledgeable guides narrate your experience with wireless radios pointing out architectural and historic landmarks along the way as you travel from place to place, just like a traditional tour only riding instead of walking!


Segways are available for rent and individual purchase. Rent one for an afternoon or a week and explore on your own or with a group after a short lesson. A 15 to 30-minute training session is required to become acquainted with the Segway’s controls and to decide upon favorite conversation topics (group) before setting out on the sightseeing adventure. Take a guided tour down the Trinity Trails and see Panther Pavilion, Van Zandt Cottage, and the Phyllis Tilley Bridge. You can choose from one of three tours: Trinity Trails, Downtown, and the Stockyards.


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