A Sports Mishap

toothlessplyrWe all know that sports can be rough and tough, especially adult sports. Whether they are being played for fun or being played professionally, accidents and injuries can happen during games and they do. You see it for yourself during nationally televised football, baseball, basketball, and hockey games. The news casters can give a blow-by-blow of the situation. Well…today’s news story is being brought to you by Steve M. Huffstutler, DDS, and is titled A Sports Mishap.

A Hockey Story

A few weeks ago during a Sunday afternoon hockey game, Ryan Reaves did an interesting thing…

What He Did

Ryan Reaves, the forward for the hockey team the St. Louis Blues, pulled his own tooth during a game. We all know hockey can be rough, and according to a news source, Brent Seabrook from the Chicago Blackhawks delivered a hard hit to Reaves which sent Reaves face-first into the glass.  The casualty was Reaves tooth, which he calmly pulled out on his own. Reaves then handed it to a trainer.

What He Should Have Done

When getting your tooth knocked out there are steps you should take to save it. If you are able to save your tooth and get to a dentist in a timely manner, the dentist may be able to reattach the tooth, saving you the cost and inconvenience of a future implant. The steps Reaves should have taken include:

  1. Keeping the tooth in the socket. He probably should not have pulled it.
  2. Once he pulled it (which indicated that he did not want it in his mouth) he should have stored it between his cheek and gum. Otherwise we suggest replacing it in its original socket. Another way to keep the tooth viable is to store it in your saliva, or in a small container of milk.
  3. He should have called his dentist ASAP. He was benched anyways.

Or maybe they keep a sports dentist on site?


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