The Sad Facts About Smoking

cigs1Are you a smoker? If not, there is no doubt you know somebody who is. Smoking is an unhealthy habit. Let’s face it, it can kill you. Smoking causes lung cancer and it has been estimated that over 158,000 Americans will die from lung cancer in 2015. Smoking also causes emphysema, mouth cancer, throat cancer, and a number of other cancers. On a non-fatal level smoking is smelly and ruins your teeth. Sucking tobacco through your teeth leads to tar deposits, tooth stains, decay, periodontitis, and eventual tooth loss. Read on to learn more sad facts about smoking.

Sad FAQs

Sad fact #1: It is not just smoking that causes oral health issues and cancer, any tobacco products including chew and snuff have the same effect.

Sad fact #2: Smoking not only causes bad breath, it stains your teeth, encourages tartar build up, triples your chance of developing gum disease, and can lead to tooth loss.

Sad fact #3: Smoking can impair your senses of taste and smell.

Sad fact #4: Oral cancer kills 24 people a day. That’s one person every hour of every day.

Sad fact #5: Over 43, 000 Americans are diagnosed with oral cancer or throat cancer on an annual basis.

Sad fact #7: Smokers are more susceptible to infections such as periodontal disease.

Sad fact #8: Even when smokers undergo treatment for gum disease, smoking impairs the blood flow to the gum tissue slowing down the healing process and making treatment less effective.

Sad fact #9: Periodontal disease is the major reason for tooth loss and because smoking makes it more difficult to fight periodontal disease, smokers are at higher risk for edentulism (complete tooth loss).


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