Teeth Whitening FAQs

teeth whiteningThe practice of whitening one’s teeth has become increasingly popular in recent years for many reasons. There are several treatment options to choose from based on your needs and goals, and you can generally expect impressive results in a short amount of time. A bright, white, smile is a great asset in personal and social relationships, and may even contribute to you landing your dream job. Since teeth whitening requires no major dental work, it is an excellent, quick option for improving your overall appearance.

How long does it take?

For our professional at-home treatments, you will wear your bleaching trays for a short time, each day as directed by your dentist until desired results are achieved. In just two weeks, your smile can look up to 9 shades brighter. If you require a quicker, more powerful result, the KoR bleaching system can be performed in the office, and typically takes about one hour. Afterwards, you will follow up with an at-home treatment plan and may require occasional touch ups.

Does whitening hurt?

Teeth whitening is an excellent, pain-free, cosmetic dental procedure. There are no invasive tools required, and it can be done in the comfort of your home. On occasion, a patient will experience tooth sensitivity afterwards, but it is usually minor and subsides quickly.

What types of stains do not respond to in-office bleaching?

Certain types of stains, especially those that originate from within the tooth, may be difficult or impossible to remove at all. These can include:

  • Stains caused by fluorosis, or overexposure to fluoride
  • Medication-induced stains, such as from Tetracyline use in children
  • Trauma, or nerve damage, that has caused tooth discoloration

Who is a candidate?

Powerful whitening treatments may not be suitable for those with chronic tooth or gum sensitivities. In general, a teeth whitening treatment plan can be created for most patients without harm.



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