Restore Your Smile: Dental Bridge Q&A

smilematurewomanblueblouseHave you been wondering what you can do about the opening in your smile? For patients dealing with one missing tooth or up to three consecutive missing teeth, we offer dental bridges so you may achieve a complete, beautiful smile. You may think to yourself, “Yes, I have heard about bridges, but I’m not sure about the details.” We often find that when patients learn more about dental prosthetics and understand how they work, as well as their benefits, they become more likely to restore their dental concerns. Rather than waiting another minute, we encourage you to look over the following questions and answers about bridges, so you can determine whether this treatment may improve your appearance as well as your daily quality of life:

Questions And Answers About Bridges

Question: Is a dental bridge the same as a partial denture?

Answer: No. Partial dentures are removable and can restore missing teeth in a row or scattered across your arch. A bridge, on the other hand, is considered “fixed” rather than removable. This means that we will cement it in place for continuous, long-term wear. In addition, a bridge may only replace one tooth or up to three teeth that sit side by side. Bridges cannot replace teeth spread apart from one another.

Question: So, what exactly is a bridge?

Answer: A bridge is a series of connected artificial teeth. On either end of the bridge is a dental crown that will rest over the tooth that sits on either side of the opening in your smile. Remind yourself what a bridge is by visualizing the bridges we use in everyday life to walk or drive across. It connects one location to another where a gap causes a problem. In this case, artificial teeth called pontics that rest between the end crowns will close the opening in your smile.

Question: Will the bridge be noticeable?

Answer: The only thing onlookers will notice is that you have a beautiful, complete smile. To ensure the dental bridge looks genuine, we will color-match the crowns and pontics to your remaining natural teeth for a seamless effect.


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