Month: February 2015

Excellent Reasons Not to Skip Your Dental Cleanings

The general rule of good dental hygiene (besides brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day) is to visit your dentist for dental cleanings and examinations at least once every six months. Your routine visits will allow us to ensure that your dental health stays in good shape by cleaning your teeth more thoroughly and… Read more »

Dental Cavities 101

More than one third of the world’s population is currently affected by dental cavities, also known as “caries”. In many countries where running water is not abundant, people experience even higher amounts of tooth decay; because proper oral hygiene must be consistently practiced in order to prevent its’ formation. Once dental caries have begun to… Read more »

Restore Your Smile: Dental Bridge Q&A

Have you been wondering what you can do about the opening in your smile? For patients dealing with one missing tooth or up to three consecutive missing teeth, we offer dental bridges so you may achieve a complete, beautiful smile. You may think to yourself, “Yes, I have heard about bridges, but I’m not sure about… Read more »

FAQ About Bad Breath

Did you know that the smell of your breath can mean different things? After a tasty meal filled with onions and garlic, the smell drifting from your mouth can be overpowering for quite some time, but usually it will dissipate on its own. Some people experience different kinds of bad breath, known as halitosis, which… Read more »

Valentine’s Day Daddy Daughter Dance

Calling all dads and daughters! Oh, and calling all grandfathers and granddaughters, uncles and nieces, too! Valentine’s Day is steadily approaching, so what better way to celebrate than to bring your sweetheart to a Valentine’s Day dance? So put on your best duds, slip on your dancing shoes, and come out for a special way… Read more »