What is Tooth Contouring?

crooked teethTooth contouring is a practice many cosmetic dentists trust and use to help you achieve the smile you want. Dentists can develop smile makeovers tailored to your needs,and contouring can play a critical role in this process. Tooth contouring is a more conservative service than some others, like dental bonding and porcelain veneers, so you can make small changes to your teeth, as a standalone treatment or as one part of a larger makeover.

How Tooth Contouring Can Help You

Contouring is removing material from your teeth so that they look more symmetrical. Jagged, crooked, or longer than normal teeth can be corrected to perfect their texture or shape. The modifications can be small, but make a big difference to how your smile looks.

To perform this procedure, we will first have to determine how strong your enamel is. For contouring, the outer layer of your teeth has to be strong and thick, because we remove some of it during the treatment. Once we know if your teeth will be able to withstand the procedure, we can proceed with shaping your teeth, then polishing them. Contouring can take about one to three visits to finish.

Adding to Your Teeth’s Appearance

Aside from tooth contouring, dental bonding and porcelain veneers are also commonly recommended. The bonding material can adapt to the desired shape of your tooth and cover jagged or chipped edges. This process generally only takes one office visit. Porcelain veneers, however, will have be crafted in a lab and then attached to your teeth. While they can fix many of the same problems as dental bonding, veneers are more durable and natural-looking.


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